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Just as all roads lead to Rome (at one point in history), all efforts to support the expedition will improve the lives of Rangers throughout Oceania and create better outcomes for our natural and cultural heritage.  

Click on the images below to find out how you can help.

Become a sponsor

Driving to rugged and remote areas of Australia, hiking through the mountains of New Zealand and sailing through the islands of the South Pacific, Walking the Thin Green Line has it all.

Why not support the expedition and see your companies equipment and gear in action highlighted across Instagram, Facebook and YouTube with the backdrop of some of the most beautiful and wild places on the planet.

Major sponsors will have the privilege of brand prominence at the start of the feature length documentary and the opportunity to attend promotional events and screenings.

We are particularly keen to partner with companies and brands from the Oceania region to support great local businesses and showcase the region to the world.

Download the Sponsorship Guide below for more information on the reach, ROI and benefits for sponsors and equipment needs of the expedition.


Book a school talk

Schools and classes can book in a talk from me (Ranger Amanda) during the trip to hear more about Rangers, protected areas and how we all play a role in looking after our natural, cultural and historic heritage.

Fundraise for a Ranger Care Box

Students, classes and schools can sign up to raise $1000 for a Ranger Care Box to equip Rangers with the critical gear they need to protect wildlife.

Participate in a virtual field trip

Classes will be able to participate in live virtual field trips with Rangers from remote areas in the Oceania Region

Access teaching resources

Resources will include AUS and NZ curriculum specific lesson plans and an ESRI Story Map for students to explore and follow the journey

Schools & students

There are great opportunities for schools, classes, and students to get involved, follow, and support the expedition.

To take advantage of one of the great opportunities above or find out more, get in touch via email or using the contact form.

Rangers & protected area workers

Don’t miss the opportunity to participate by telling your story, nominating an amazing colleague, hosting (What are visiting officer quarters meant for after all!) or coming along for part of the trip as support crew.

If you would love to share your story or showcase the work of your team get in touch so we can arrange for a catch-up during the trip. We can go for a hike, have a chat and cuppa at the office with your team or head out into the field to show people what it’s like to be a ranger in your patch.

If you are keen to dob in a colleague or know you have a living legend in your ranks let me know and we can coordinate a visit during the trip and work out the best way to bring them out of their shell and telling their story.

The trip will be like a single massive non-stop field trip, meaning it will be expensive, exhausting, and hard on the gear and body. As such, any assistance with hosting such as a basic bed for the night or place to park the vehicle outside the public campgrounds would be amazing. Opportunities to access good internet/wifi and power to charge the tech would also be greatly appreciated as their will definitely be a paucity of both for much of the trip.

Walking the Thin Green Line is as much about Rangers as it is for them. I know that getting out in parks, when not on duty, and spending time with other rangers camping, hiking and enjoying the outdoors can be a rare but wonderful experience. If you would like to join me for a section of the trip and help with camp duties and filming, I would love to have you along. No matter how short or long you can help, having some ranger crew in support will make a huge difference to the trips success.

Join the support crew

Do you have epic skills or expertise that you would like to lend to the expedition? Well why not join the support crew and help make the expedition an even greater success and more polished than I (Ranger Amanda) would otherwise be able to achieve.

As my natural habitat is out in the field in the parks I manage, many of the things critical to the expedition are not my natural skill set. Having the support of experts and passionate professionals to support elements such as website and social media content, film editing, media and communications, logistics and, I’ll be honest – sailing, would be amazing.

I know there are many highly talented individuals in our protected area agency ranks who, though not strictly in operations, play a big part in helping us do our work as Rangers and deserve to contribute to and support the expedition.

If this is you, I would love to have you on board, no matter how great or small your available time or contribution may be. There will be a wealth of opportunities across the trip so don’t hesitate to get in touch to see how you may be able to help.

Follow, Share & Donate

The expedition is all about communication and storytelling, so make sure you follow the journey through the blog and social media posts and share them far and wide.


The more we can share the message and stories of Rangers and the work they do the greater the benefit to our Rangers and the greater the outcomes for our precious natural, cultural and historic heritage they protect.

If you would like to support the expedition through gear or financial sponsorship, look at becoming a sponsor to find out more or get in touch directly.

You can now donate to and fundraise for the Oceania Fund! Click on the link below or the Donate button at the top of the screen. 


The Walking the Thin Green Line Oceania team recognise all the First Nations and Indigenous peoples across our earth, and recognise their living traditions of caring for lands and waters through Elders past, present and emerging.  

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