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Dr. Jane Goodall World Ranger Day Message 2022

Includes message highlighting Walking the Thin Green Line expedition.

Media Releases & Articles

Media Release - 8/3/2022

Thin Green Line Foundation 

"We think it’s about time that we introduce you to a very special member of our extended team…"

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Feature Article - March 2022

Science Victoria, Page 21

Monthly Newsletter of the Royal Society of Victoria

"Meet the Expeditioner: Amanda Dudgeon"

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Podcasts, Interviews & Presentations

One Wild Life Podcast #2
By Abbie Barnes
25th January 2021

Amanda Dudgeon NSW Park Ranger on How We Can All Protect Our Wild Spaces

Thin Green Line Foundation Interview 
By Sean Willmore
24th July 2022

Watch Thin Green Line founder, Sean, chat with Amanda about her upcoming journey. 

What Does the Giraffe Say Media Interview
By Kathleen Retourne
28th July 2022

Amanda Dudgeon NSW Park Ranger on How We Can All Protect Our Wild Spaces

Oceania Ranger Forum 2022 presentation
By Amanda Dudgeon
October 2022

Expedition presentation at the inaugural Oceania Ranger Forum in Rotorua, New Zealand 2022


Media kits available upon request. 

The Walking the Thin Green Line Oceania team recognise all the First Nations and Indigenous peoples across our earth, and recognise their living traditions of caring for lands and waters through Elders past, present and emerging.  

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