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Danger Ranger Diary #1 - 6 months till the adventure begins! (...yeah totally calm)

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

In expedition terms, 6 months is basically the final tweaking stage when you are fine tuning your fitness, taking stock of equipment (which you've mostly already purchased) and finalising logistics and schedules which are all but locked in.

This would be an important moment to mention that Rangers are really good at doing things last minute, making projects happen with minimal resources and just getting things done, basically.

I'll leave you to bridge the gap between those two statements where you'll find my current reality (*face palm*).

Photo from the top of Mount Exmouth in Warrumbungles National Park NSW, hiking, walking the Thin Green Line
Top of Mount Exmouth, Warrumbungles National Park

Walking the Thin Green Line Oceania has been a rather long time in the making. The original idea bobbing to the top of the think tank back in late 2020 whilst I was driving back home following a visit with the parents. Yes, well spotted, that means I'm a wonderfully attentive much so that my mind can wander to other seemingly more important thoughts like crazy adventures and changing the world.

The idea has been shaped and moulded by over 12 months of catch-ups, cake dates and quality gossip with fellow rangers, Thin Green Line Foundation (TGLF) staff, family and friends. Not to mention some wonderfully supportive (and equally crazy) professionals across the film, photography, science and education industries.

Obviously, the realities of the world as we know it in January 2022 and what that means for travel, health and safety, mental wellbeing and emotional exhaustion, have also played a huge part in shaping the expedition and further reinforcing the importance of it's goals.

South Australian Ranger Association, park rangers, Annual Migration 2018, Calperum Station
South Australian Ranger Association's Annual Migration 2017 @ Calperum Station

I'm now (somehow) at the helm of a terrifyingly huge endeavour, with just 6 months left till my boots hit the trail and and this crazy expedition begins. I'll admit there has been some impressive procrastination and avoidance exploits when facing emails, grant applications and website design after a long day at work. This website and blog were meant to have been published last month, for example.

But just as all good things come to an end, so too do well learnt habits from tertiary education. Especially when you realise that your crazy idea is actually going to happen...and that you need to apply for your leave without pay, and sell the belongings you don't need, and find foster homes for your thankfully resilient indoor plants get the picture.

It is exciting times with the website and first blog (finally) published, the social media accounts about to be kicked off, and my first face to face visit with the TGLF crew actually happening in just two weeks time. I have already had some great chats with Rangers whilst route planning that have left me absolutely buzzing with excitement for what we will all see, hear and experience during the expedition. I can't wait for you to meet some of the living legends we are privileged to call our own in Oceania and to show you the truly breath taking parks, ecosystems and animals that Rangers protect.

Lennox Head, Walking the Thin Green Line, Pandanas, ocean
Coastal walk to Lennox National Surfing Reserve

It may be all about anticipation (just ask Frank N. Furter), but fear not dear readers, over the next 6 months you will be thoroughly entertained by my attempts to learn film making, social media influencing and public speaking (whilst still working full time as a ranger) as we count down to July 31. You will be a fly on the wall to all the fun, fails and frivolity that goes with learning a new trade and planning an expedition. So sit back, or lean forward with terrible posture till you're 2 inches off your phone, and enjoy what should be a cracking good adventure.

Hopefully you've found my first blog sufficiently fun and informative...if not maybe stick to the Instagram posts, then you can just look at the pretty pictures.

Stay tuned for my next blatheringly wonderful post about how to help, get involved and contribute to Walking the Thin Green Line Oceania.


Danger Ranger

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