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1 Year, 3 Oceans, 8 Nations and over 30,000km
World Ranger Day (31 July) 2022 to World Ranger Day 2023


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 START - July 31 2022 

@ The Royal National Park, Sydney 

Leg 1 - Sydney > Melb...the long way 

AUG 1    Lord Howe Island

AUG 8    QLD Ranger Assoc. Annual Muster

AUG 13  Central & northern NSW

AUG 20  South East Queensland to Mackay

AUG 27  Mackay to Cairns + Great Barrier Reef

SEP 8     Cairns to Darwin + Cape York 

OCT 4    Darwin to Broome + The Kimberley

OCT 14  Oceania Ranger Forum - Rotorua NZ

OCT 24  Broom to Perth

NOV 12  Perth to Esperance

NOV 24  Esperance to Adelaide

DEC 13  Greater Adelaide + Kangaroo Island  

DEC 11  South Coast - Fleurieu to Robe

JAN 1    Western Vic, Melbourne & Phillip Island

JAN 26    Tasmania + Flinders Island

 Leg 2 - New Zealand + Norfolk Island

FEB 20  Norfolk Island

FEB 26  NZ North Island

APR 1    NZ South Island

 Leg 3 - Melanesia & Polynesia 

MAY 9    Tonga

MAY 21   Samoa

MAY 29   Fiji

JUNE 7   Solomon Islands

JUNE 18 Papua New Guinea

JUNE 26 Timor-Leste/East Timor

 Leg 4 - Sydney - Wilsons Prom 

JULY 3   NSW South Coast

JULY 15 ACT & Australian Alpine areas

JULY 24 Victorian east coast

 FINISH - 31 July 2023

Wilsons Prom National Park 


To be the catalyst that initiates meaningful change for Oceania Rangers, their communities and the natural and cultural heritage they protect




Record and share the stories of Oceania's Rangers

Travel through Oceania filming Rangers telling their stories in the field and share the journey through social media


Connect schools and students with Rangers and the places they protect

Provide lesson plans for teachers, hold virtual field trips with Rangers in their parks and do in person school talks during the journey


Walk the Thin Green Line for fallen Rangers

Hike 1km for every Ranger on the 2023 IRF Roll of Honour (~1500 km) to honour the lives, contributions and sacrifices of Rangers who have given their lives in the line of duty.  


Release a feature length documentary by World Ranger Day 31 July 2024

Produce and release a documentary to mark 20 years since Thin Green Line Foundation Founder Sean Willmore embarked on his own journey to make original the Thin Green Line Documentary that started it all


Raise funds for the Thin Green Line Foundation to support Ranger lead initiatives in Oceania

Raise money for the TGLF Oceania Fund that will finance Ranger lead initiatives in the Oceania region and support Indigenous and First Nations rangers to access development, exchange and networking opportunities


World Ranger Day 2018, National Parks South Australia, Morialta Conservation Park

With our partners at the Thin Green Line Foundation, we hope to raise awareness for the critical role of rangers in conservation, culture and community. We aim to generate a shift in the way rangers and their work are perceived, shining a light on the benefits of rangers to the broader community and the importance of recognising and supporting rangers as essential frontline workers in conservation.


Funds raised will go to a special Oceania Fund within the Thin Green Line Foundation that will specifically support:

  • Ranger to Ranger projects within the region

  • sponsorship of First Nations and Indigenous Rangers and Ranger Associations

  • equipment to assist with marine and coastal protected area management and monitoring

Walking the Thin Green Line hopes to be the neuron, the connector, the catalyst that initiates meaningful change for Oceania Rangers, their communities and natural, cultural and historic heritage they protect.

We strive for a future in which Rangers are connected, motivated and empowered to work together across jurisdictions and support each other to achieve greater outcomes for the environment, community and rangers.


A passionate Ranger for over seven years, I have lived and worked across many parts of Australia. ​From south coast islands to the desserts of central Australia and now the sub-tropical rainforests of NSW. It’s been a pretty amazing career so far.

I’ve always strived to make a difference in the world and have an inconveniently strong curiosity. Good thing I'm not a cat really.

A certain Darryl Kerrigan would call me an 'ideas person', and I've always dreamt big. Walking the Thin Green Line big, to be precise. 

Inspired by the remarkable rangers I've had the privilege of working with, and the legendary Sean Willmore, I'm embarking on my most audacious project yet.

Armed with a Ranger's ‘get on with it’ attitude, 6 months to learn film making (whilst doing planning and logistics), and working full time as a Ranger in the meantime…what can go wrong really.

Ormiston Gorge Ranger, Ranger Amanda, Ormiston Gorge Ranger Station

The Walking the Thin Green Line Oceania team recognise all the First Nations and Indigenous peoples across our earth, and recognise their living traditions of caring for lands and waters through Elders past, present and emerging.  

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